Tribute to Henri Alleg

14 octobre 2023

Mustapha Boutadjine exhibited around fifteen portraits of Algerian resistance fighters to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the death of Henri Alleg, author of ’La Question’, the book by which the tortures practiced by the colonial army during the Algerian war were revealed to the world. Henri Alleg’s portrait held the place of honor.

"La Question", which Henri Alleg wrote clandestinely from his prison in Algiers and which was banned in France but republished abroad, was a decisive wake-up call in France and around the world.

The event was organised by the association ’Agir contre le colonialisme aujourd’hui’ (Fighting colonialisme today) - whose first president was Henri Alleg - and by ’Les Amis de l’Humanité’ (Friends of the newspaper L’Humanité). Among the guests of honor were the writer and publisher Nils Andersson, current president of the ACCA, who published "La Question" in Switzerland when it was banned in France, André Salem, son of Henri Alleg, and various researchers and artists whose work perpetuates the memory and struggle of Henri Alleg.

For more details about Henri Alleg’s work and struggle: