Tribute to Missak Manouchian

It’s already 14 years since the Artbribus gallery organized the entry of Missak Manouchian into its Pantheon. Yesterday, in the margin of the official festivities, the gallery organized a ceremony of homage and discussion around the portrait painted by Mustapha Boutadjine in 2010.

The recognition by the French state is a considerable symbolic gesture, crystallizing the positive role played by immigration in the fight against nazism, fascism and their allies.

It was an opportunity to recall the life, commitment and struggle of a man who shed his blood for France and just causes, but who was also a poet. The evening was punctuated by debates, readings of Manouchian poems and the screening of Hamma Méliani’s film, "L’art magique de Mustapha Boutadjine", showing the step-by-step production of the portrait of Manouchian by the artist.

Link to the film:

Manouchian will stand guard at the Artbribus gallery until March 2, 2024.