Exhibition «Mustapha Boutadjine - Collage Résistant(s)»

Centre d’Art Jean-Pierre Jouffroy, Bonneuil-sur-Marne

The Centre d’Art Jean-Pierre Jouffroy in Bonneuil-sur-Marne exhibits a retrospective and unpublished works by Mustapha Boutadjine under the title "COLLAGE RÉSISTANT(S)" (RESISTANT COLLAGE), which is also that of his monograph published by Helvétius, which the artist will sign during the opening on Friday, September 8 at 5:30 p.m.

The works on display, large-format collages made from scraps of paper torn from magazines, represent women and men who fought for freedom, justice, dignity... who resisted. They come from the seven major series created by the artist, who works by theme: America basta, Black is always beautiful, Femmes d’Alger (Women of Algiers), Insurgés (Insurgents), Poètes (Poets), Sous les pavés le Gitan (Beneath the paving stones lies the Gypsy), Contre-images (Counter-Images).

Resistant with a capital R, says the artist. Because the Resistant is independent, unique, singular. The plural S means that there are several resistances: poetic, literary, sporting, artistic, political of course.

A work that is more topical than ever: “Today, says Boutadjine, there are new forms of resistance. Here in France, the poor have no choice, but they try to resist. They are the common people. Neighbors, passers-by, people I don’t know who find themselves in these portraits. They are attacked daily by the media, lies, unemployment. Everyone resists in their own way. I made the portrait of strangers. I try to put strangers with known people to say that everywhere people are resisting. "

Friday 8th of September - 17h30

Hors les murs
In front of the Centre d’Art: live painting starting at 5 p.m.
«Collage participatif à la manière de Mustapha Boutadjine» (participative painting in the manner of Mustapha Boutadjine)

Practical information
From the 8th to the 10th of Novembre 2023
at the Centre d’art Jean-Pierre Jouffroy,
Place Aimé-Césaire, Bonneuil-sur-Marne
Tel. : 01 56 71 52 25

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